Shake things up with the groundbreaking device!
— The game description
Earthquake machine

Earthquake machine

The Earthquake Machine is an item in Minions Paradise.


In the update in March 2016, there's a mission about Professor Flux's master plan, in which the player needs to compose an earthquake machine for the professor.

Once the player completes all components for the machine, it will be unlocked and the player can place it on the island as a decoration. After claiming the prize, the player can start a new round of the master plan, but one can only win other prizes, including Minion Level-Up Tokens.

The components of the machine are: super collider, cold fusion reactor, plasma engine, eletromagnetic field generator, and helium neon laser.


  • Unlike its name, the earthquake machine doesn't really shakes the island.
  • The player can only get one machine, no matter how many times of the master plan has been done.

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