Dru's villain wheels is a car owned by Dru Gru and formely owned by his father Robert Gru.


Dru's villain wheels or Dru's car (for short) has shiny gold color. It reflects a retro 1960s race car aesthetic. The car is also shown to be hybrid (as Dru says). The villain wheels can be transformed into a boat and an airship. The car contains a lot of secret weapons as the nuclear blast, the spikes on the tires, the spike in the front and many more.


Despicable Me 3

In Despicable Me 3, Dru shows his brother the villain wheels after he says that he is not going to teach him how to be a villain. As Dru takes the wheel, he shows Gru the car's weapons and many functions, even when panicking as his driving got them off the road and off the edge of a cliff. After Dru stole candy from one of the van stands at the Freedonia Cheese Festival and got the attention of the local police from the van's alarm, Gru took the wheel and got them to safety; as well as showing Dru that he hadn't lost his villain touch. Once being safe, they parked the car on a small beach so they could dry their clothes, Dru asks Gru to do a heist with him together.

The next day, as Gru was explaining the layout of Bratt's Lair and the plan to get in and grab the diamond, Dru acted like he was watching a film as he sat back and ate popcorn. He came upset as he learned his part in the plan was to be the get away driver, when he wanted to be at Gru's side when they get their hands on the diamond and become the richest villains in the world. When the two get to Bratt's Lair, Dru "changed the plan" and accompanied Gru as they made their way in.

When the girls get kidnapped by Balthazar Bratt, Dru, Gru and Lucy got the car and headed to Hollywood. Once there Dru recognized the lye of Bratt's plan from one of the Evil Bratt episodes he watched in his youth and knew that he was reenacting it. While Lucy went to save the girls, the twins made their way to the giant Bratt robot.


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Gru and dru's car

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