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Full Name Disco Minion Costume
Available Yes
Cost 20 Blueprints
Golden Skill After the first revive, the power up bonus lasts twice as long
Golden Ticket Cost 25 Golden Tickets
Despicable Score Multiplier Adds up to 5 DSM

The ​Disco Minion Costume is a playable character in Minion Rush. It can be purchased with 20 Blueprints.


  • It is the first costume that can be unlocked by Blueprints.
  • For 6 additional blueprints, the Disco Minion can be upgraded to have a free revive. Additional upgrades cost 8, 10, and 12 blueprints and add 2 seconds each to the duration of powerups.
  • The costume was taken from the 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever, where Anthony Manero (played by John Travolta) wore this costume.
  • The costumes is possibly inspired a scene that Bob wears a disco costume in Xfinity Promo.
  • Out of Dave's costumes, Disco Minion is the first costume that shows different reactions when losing, jumping, or changing lanes.
  • Disco minion costume was added to the Chinese version 4.1.3. It costs 16 puzzle pieces, available inside the golden prize pod and back to school pod.

Costs and Upgrades


Cost 2-star 3-star 4-star 5-star
Cost 20 Blueprints 6 Blueprints 8 Blueprints 10 Blueprints 12 Blueprints
Ability All powerups last 5 seconds longer +1 Revive
+1 Second
All powerups last 6 Seconds longer and 1st revive is always free
+2 Seconds
All powerups last 8 Seconds longer
+2 Seconds
All powerups last 10 Seconds longer
+2 Seconds
All powerups last 12 Seconds longer
DSM +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

Minion Race Upgrades

2-star 3-star 4-star 5-star
Cost 6 Blueprints 8 Blueprints 10 Blueprints 12 Blueprints
Ability During Minion Races, have the Shrink Ray last longer
Bonus +Duration +Duration +Duration +Duration


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