Minion rush multiplier

Despicable Score Multiplier (top middle) seen when playing the game

The Despicable Score Multiplier is a point index in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It's one of the ways to quantity the despicableness of the minion in the game.


To build up points in a run, the multiplier can be boosted by committing despicable actions (smashing other minions, breaking through objects through the Freeze Ray, or being an evil minion when activating PX-41), and then the points can increase faster.

To build up the multiplier permanently, the player can buy and/or upgrade a new costume, and collect all fruits from a jelly machine in Jelly Lab.

Despicable multiplier used to act an important role of the game, because it modifies points and the point in a run can be used to challenge other players. However, in current updates, the goal in the game has changed and only few global events aims to highest score or multiplier.

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