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Ditto (Pardon).
— Dave
Dave in Despicable Me 2
Eye color Brown
Occupation Henchman

Felonius Gru
Lucy Wilde
Dr. Nefario
Margo Gru
Edith Gru
Agnes Gru


Eduardo Perez
Evil Minions

Appearances Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2
Orientation Day
Despicable Me: Minion Rush
AMC Promo
Voiced by Pierre Coffin
Dave is one of Gru's Minions.


Dave is a two-eyed, skinny minion, with nice combed hair.


Dave is an intelligent minion who is kind, caring, and funny, but sometimes accident prone. He is skillful at video games like his friend Stuart, shown when the two are playing on a Playstation. Dave likes ice cream as shown when Gru calls him and Stuart while they are having an Ice Cream Party, he's still eating Ice Cream before he goes to Gru. He is always very excited as seen when he fired his Rocket Launcher, his signature weapon. He is also good at using weapons and making cupcakes and other foods.


Despicable Me

Goodnight Kisses

Goodnight Kisses

Dave is present when Gru is telling the minions of his next great plan. Before Gru can tell the Minions what they are going to steal, they whip out their weapons, including Dave who arms himself with a rocket launcher, which he then fires into a group of Minions. After scolded by Gru, Dave says "Ditto!" for apology. One of the minions walks over to Dave while Gru is telling him to stop and punches him in the shoulder for payback.

Later that night, he asks Gru for goodnight kisses for him and the minions. He is the first one to be kissed by Gru. After he is kissed by Gru he comes back and cut in line. However, Gru recognizes him and asks "Didn't I get you already?". Dave gets hit at the back of the head by a fat minion.

Despicable Me 2


Dave, Stuart and Tim are in a cupcake shop in the Paradise Shopping Mall along with Gru who works undercover as the owner of the shop with Lucy being assigned as his partner. Dave has a crush for her. His first introduction with Lucy starts when he show his cupcake, which she kicks into the air and smashes it onto the bench. Directly after Lucy crushed the cupcake, she then grabs Dave and pin him against the bench – ready to hit him. After Lucy learns that Dave works for Gru, she tells Dave he's free to go. Dave starts to walk away, but before that he looks up to Lucy and starts daydreaming about dating her, leaving him air kissing. When Gru and Lucy are having their first mission Dave is waiting by the car outside together with Stuart.

Later, he is having an Ice Cream Party with Stuart, Jerry, Carl, and Kevin. Gru interrupts the party and asks Kevin and Jerry to watch the girls, while he asks Dave and Stuart to follow him.

Dave flirting

When Dave gets the call from Gru to rescue him and Lucy, Dave starts acting right away. Crashes through the malls entrance (Dave is the one steering the car and Stuart pushing the accelerator), Dave and Stuart miss to pull over for Gru and Lucy twice. Before Eduardo can catch them, Dave and Stuart knock him out with the car. Lucy opens the car door and is greeted by Dave and Stuart (who seems to have a crush on her as well, shown when he pushes the accelerator).


Dave and Stuart Disguised as Evil Minions

After Dr. Nefario tells Gru that Eduardo has kidnapped Lucy, Gru picks Stuart and Dave – who are at the middle of a video game – to follow him to rescue Lucy.

As a disguise, Dave and Stuart are painted purple, in order to fit in with the crowd of mutated Minions. Dave figures out how to communicate with them, though it all ends in him ruining his disguise and Gru's plan for rescuing Lucy. The trio were forced to run for their lives, eventually cornered at one of the estate's turrets. Thankfully, Dr. Nefario, the girls and the un-mutated minions turn up in the airship and fire a PX-41 antidote-laced jelly at the mutated minions, reverting them back to normal.

Orientation Day

He was one of the newbie minions to become a bomb transporter, identified by his ID card. He was excited to become a bomb transporter after he and other minions watched the introduction short of Gru's Lab.


"Ditto." - As an expression of shame. (Despicable Me and Minion Rush)

"Voilà!" - Dave showing his minion cupcake to Lucy and Gru. (Despicable Me 2)

Appearances in Other Media

Minion Rush

Dave Minion Rusher

Dave in Minion Rush

Dave is the main protagonist in the mobile game Minion Rush. Like Despicable Me, he is overly rambunctious, though unlike the other minions he walked in later and only started getting excited when Gru talks through the loudspeaker to which he asked Dave to settle down. A nearby minion then punches him.

Gru announces the Minion of the week (for longest run in the Minion Rush) to be Paul. Gru then presents the Minion of the Year trophy to which many minions start to fight for. While the other minions squabble amongst themselves, Dave goes away and starts the Minion Rush game for the player. In the game, almost every costumes are created for Dave.

AMC Promo

Unlike the first two films and Minion Rush, Dave is shown to be a considerate moviegoer who tries to turn off his phone before the movie starts, but an Evil Minion sitting besides him eats his phone. The phone then rings and the Evil Minion starts to panic, to which Dave presses his stomach to turn it off.The Evil Minion hugs Dave as the movie starts.


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  • Dave is one of the very few minions who are not kidnapped and turned evil.
  • Dave apparently is kept on speed dial on Gru's home telephone.[1]
  • In Despicable Me, Dave is the first minion that Gru kissed.
  • He is similar to Mike. Both of them have the same hair, eyes and outside look.
  • While it's very likely he did appear, Dave did not have a role in Minions.



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