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Darwin minion
Darwin minion
Eye color Brown
Occupation Henchman
Appearances Banana, a mini movie in Minion Madness
Voiced by Pierre Coffin

Darwin is a one of Gru's minions, who only appears in the short video Banana in 2010.


Main article: Banana

Minion Lary takes out a banana in his bag and attempts to eat it, but Darwin notices it, and fights with Lary for the banana after Lary refuses to share it with him. Paul minion, who appears to be an inspector, tells them to stop fighting but joins the fight when he sees the banana. They fight and slowly move to a rocket factory and Lary, Darwin and the banana are carried away by a trapping claw using to carry rockets. Paul releases by modifying the claws the banana but accidentally releases the rockets also. The three minions together with the banana escape while the rockets explode behind them. They then fight again to a canteen where they are joined and chased by numerous minions.

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