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Cookie Robots

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Cookie Robots
Type Robots

Crack the code of a safe
Able to open up a
hole in a wall


Despicable Me

Other info

Disguise themselves as cookies

The Cookie Robots are robots created by Dr. Nefario and used by Gru to get the shrink ray from Vector. They are apparently disguised as cookies that the girls are selling. However, once the cookie robots opened up a hole in the wall for Gru and the minions to climb through, they seal the opening afterwards and leave, leaving Gru stuck inside of Vector's lab.

Appearances In Other Media

Minion Rush

The cookie robots are used by Meena as a weapon in Minion Rush.


  • The Cookie Bot's operating system is version 1.7. This number is questionable, given that Dr. Nefario had little time to create an abudance of prototypes.


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