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This character or material has only appeared in non-canon material (such as games, etc.) and is not related to the main story.

Chinese Fu
Full Name Chinese Fu Minion Costume
Available Limited
Cost 3,000 Tokens
Race ability No special effect during Minion Races or Time Attack Races
Despicable Score Multiplier Adds 1 DSM

The Chinese Fu Minion Costume is a Minion Rush character mainly only available in Chinese-speaking regions, such as China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


He wears a red Magua with yellow spots and margin. He appears with he notices a red envelope falls slowly and approach, and he catches it. Seeing no one comes for it, he put the envelope in his Magua.

Sometimes, Chinese Fu plays a firecracker and light it. But there's no reaction, so he takes a look at it, then it suddenly explodes and he's terrified but unharmed.


  • Just before the Chinese New Year in January 27th, 2017, the costume was globally available for purchase for a limited time.
  • Also known as Tang Suit in Qihoo 360 version of the game.

Costs and Upgrades


Cost 2-star 3-star 4-star 5-star
Cost 3,000 Tokens 10,000 Bananas 100 Tokens 300 Tokens 500 Tokens
Ability All Power-Ups last 10 seconds longer +1 Second
All Power-Ups last 11 seconds longer
+2 Second
All Power-Ups last 13 seconds longer
+2 Second
All Power-Ups last 15 seconds longer
+2 Second
All Power-Ups last 17 seconds longer
DSM +1 None None None None


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