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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Carnival Barker, is purely conjectural.
Carnival Barker
Gender Male

Despicable Me

Voiced by

Jack McBrayer

Uh-oh! Somebody's got a frowny face. Boo! Better luck next time!
— Carnival Barker

The Carnival Barker is a minor antagonist in Despicable Me. He runs the game Space Killer at Super Silly Fun Land.


He has curly red hair, and a hat. He also has a red shirt with a frowny face on the front. 


The carnival barker is a snide and sarcastic greedy man, who possibly rigged Space Killer to where it was impossible to knock the spaceship off probably so people would keep playing it and he will earn more money.

When Gru revealed a large ray gun and used it to win the challenge, a scared Barker gave Agnes a stuffed unicorn out of fear her adoptive father would use it again. He can also be seen crying out of pain that his business was destroyed


Despicable Me

Agnes wants the large white unicorn but the barker tells Gru that it is not for sale, and can only be won if the spaceship prop was knocked over. Gru pays the tickets for the girls to play, and their first attempt was a failure. Edith wants to try one more time and Gru pays for them again.

Agnes hits the spaceship but the game stops. The carnival barker explains that the spaceship must knocked down to win the unicorn. Enraged, Gru pays for his own turn and pulls out his Big Blaster Cannon to shoot the spaceship, Barker ducks for cover as Gru fires the blaster. The explosion ends up knocking over and destroying the spaceship as well as most of the game's booth. In defeat and out of fear, the carnival barker gives the girls the unicorn toy and is left in tears as they leave.


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