It's called a coup d'état, which is French for.. coup d'état.
— Carlos' betrayal

Carlos gives the chicks a pep talk in his campaign to take over Easter.

Carlos is the leader of the chicks, a supporting protagonist and later the main antagonist in Hop. He is voiced by Hank Azaria. Throughout the film, he is Mr. Bunny's right-hand chick, often accompanies him on tours of the candy factory. He is best friends-later-rivals with E.B.

Frustrated by the sovereignty of the Easter Bunny and his team of rabbits, Carlos has been serving as an assistant for years. But Carlos is sick of playing on his position. After all, Easter is all about eggs, so he intends to make chickens be in charge - replacing candy with the more fowl-acceptable birdseed, worms and lettuce cups, especially after the disappearance of E.B..



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