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This character or material has only appeared in non-canon material (such as games, etc.) and is not related to the main story.
Brian Minion
Brian watches the film with a pad
Eye color Brown/Black
Occupation Henchman

Felonius Gru

Appearances Cinemark Promo
Movieclips Minis - Brian the Minion

Brian is a minion who appears in several commercial or promotional clips.


He is a two-eyed minion with a buzz-cut hair.


Cinemark Promo

In his house, he keeps trying to watch a film but he doesn't like the effect of the tools. By a smartphone, he can't enlarge the kissing scene further; by a pad, the angle of the film keeps changing automatically; by an old television, at first he can't sit on the sofa well, and then the television malfunctions; by a new television, it falls and Brian gets hurt.

Later, he is brought to a theater with other minions. A minion besides pats him and almost makes him fall from his seat because Brian is bandaged up all over the body; then the minion give him a popcorn but it is later eaten by himself when there's a funny plot.

Brian the Minion

Brian Fandago

Brian is known as Brian the Minion in a YouTube playlist "Movieclips Minis - Brian the Minion". He is hand-painted instead of computer-animated; he wears a black detective outfit and his eyes are black. In this playlist, the clips are about some films, and the first video was uploaded at the same day when the film Minions was released.

In the clips, Brian with Kevin, Stuart and Bob go into a cinema, and the minions react exaggeratedly when they see some scenes of the trailer or the film. As they laugh or mimic the plot, Brian tries to calm them down but then gets taken out by the staff.


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