Brett and Chet
Onceler brothers
Performer: Danny Cooksey
Species Human
Gender Male
Family Once-ler's Mother (mother)
Once-ler (brother)
Grizelda (aunt)
Ubb (uncle)

Ted Wiggins (great nephew) (unconfirmed)

Mrs. Wiggins (niece)

Grammy Norma (sister-in-law)

Brett and Chet are the Once-ler's older brothers, they are slightly on the dumb side and violent for their age, which is rumored to be 25. They do everything she says and while it doesn't seem like it, they do secretly love their younger brother. Playfully abusing him and teasing him when he does something 'girly' or something of the sorts is just their way of love. However, they may become rather violent when carrying out their mother's orders. They may have to hurt the Once-ler when he steps out of line

They aren't very talkative, and in the beginning of the Once-ler's rise to sucess, their only job is to try to pick the tufts off of the Truffula trees, but that soon gets too hard and they are moved on to work with chopping down the trees instead. Once the Once-ler is at the top of his business and has his factory, Brett and Chet started working as his guards and doormen.

When the Once-ler fails and loses his whole company, due to having no more trees for his Thneed, Brett and Chet pack up with the rest of the family and go back into their van, and their mother informs them that Brett is now her favorite son, making the two brothers to be shoked, and probably sad by knowing really what they have done seeing by themselves. Anyways, this pretty much disowning the Once-ler as they then drive off.

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