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Blueprints are special items that were introduced following the release of the Horror Night Party Special Mission in Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

Players can earn the blueprints by opening Horror Night Prize Pods (later only in following Special Mission Prize Pods), or they can be earned when they finish collecting as many items as needed in the Special Mission. They can also be won at the Final Competition at the very end of the Special Mission if players are placed and finish in at least top 1000 or better. Players can use the blueprints to unlock Disco Minion costume, which takes 20 blueprints to unlock. Players can also use blueprints to unlock the Skater Minion costume which take 25 blueprints to unlock. After unlocking one or both of the costumes, players can keep collecting blueprints in order to upgrade the ability levels for the costume which gives +1 Multiplier for each upgrade until Max level is reached. Once max level is reached for both blueprint minions, players will also have see a +10 multiplier increase than what it was originally before maxing out the abilities levels.

Blueprints share many feature in common with puzzle pieces, as they are both able to unlock costumes; however, blueprints are much rarer to be obtained because the special pods mentioned above are only available during special missions, and it's impossible to find blueprints in golden or silver prize pods. Also, blueprints can be used to upgrade costumes while puzzle pieces don't.

In addition, blueprint-only costumes are the only ones to have two abilities while owning them. For example, Disco Minion's abilities are all power-ups last 12 seconds longer and the first revive is free, unlike regular costumes which only have one ability.


  • Initially, Blueprints were not directly purchasable and they can only be obtained by participating the Special Missions or purchasing and opening Special Mission Prize Pods. The first Special Mission Prize Pod awarded from the mission was always a blueprint. Currently, Blueprints can be purchased by Market Tickets.