• Dragonknight86

    Yello minions, and I'd like to discuss how much this wiki has done in just these first 2 months of 2014. Here's what we've done so far:

    • SJenson became a Featured Wikian.
    • Despicable Me Wiki was featured on the Wikia Spotlight.
    • Phil-Bot became the first fully functioning bot on Despicable Me Wiki. Hopefully Mike-Bot's script will be fixed soon! :)
    • The Patroler right was added to the wiki.
    • The wordmark (Currently not in use due to the decoration for Valentine's Day) was updated to seem more fitting.
    • Despicable Me Wiki created a Twitter account!
    • Former admin Tiff or Nick made a surprise visit. He can be found on MaintaenanceRequired.

    We've gotten so much happen in two months, who knows what else is bound to happen. As Tom Petty said:

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  • Klltr

    Am I hearing things...

    February 1, 2014 by Klltr

    Okay, so I have seen DM2 three times now, and on all three occasions I've heard something that should not be in a film like this. 

    During the Cinco Di mayo party, the song "Where Them Girls At" is playing. Just as the song is fading out, you can here what sounds like the f-word just as El Macho starts speaking. 

    So, has anyone else picked this up, or am I just hearing things? If this is for real, how could Universal let that stuff up go unoticed...?

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  • Thundersplash2020

    Hi everyone!

    January 31, 2014 by Thundersplash2020

    Nice too meet you all! Please write a message on my message wall if you need anything! :)

    Thundersplash2020 (talk) 11:24, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Dragonknight86

    Scrooges :P

    December 24, 2013 by Dragonknight86

    Did you guys seriously not plan a Christmas party? That's kinda sad, but I decorated the wiki for Christmas. Yeah, it's not the greatest looking, but it's better than nothing, aye? Merry Christmas, d00ds

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  • Beckoliver.marron

    We know how gibberish the minions are saying but did you know some of the words the minions are saying are translatable. Some people call these, Banana Language. Some of the words are from other foreign languages like Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Filipino. 

    Minion Language English Translation
    Bello! Hello!
    Poopaye! Goodbye!
    Bank yu!  Thank you!
    Me want banana!  I'm hungry!
    Underwear  I swear
    Bee Do! repeatedly Fire!
    Tatata bala tu!  I hate you!
    Baboi  Toy
    Po ka  What
    Bable  Apple
    Gelato  Ice cream
    Butt  Butt
    Nah  One
    Dul  Two
    Sae  Three
    Para tu  For you
    Chasy  Chair
    Kan pai  Cheers!
    Pwede na  Can we start?
    Luk at tu! Look at you!
    Muak Muak Kiss
    Ditto I'm sorry
    Buttom Bottom
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  • Dragonknight86

    What a stub is

    November 29, 2013 by Dragonknight86

    Bello fellow minions, and I'd like to touch on a subject many don't know about. Stubs. Yes, we have a template for it, and yes, they go on short articles. But what is the boundary when it comes to being to short? Well you add a template ​ONLY if the article has less than 300 bytes. I just wanted to inform everyone of that, as I've noticed many articles that are labeled as Stubs, aren't stubs at all.

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  • Dragonknight86

    Happy Turkey Day!!!

    November 28, 2013 by Dragonknight86

    Gobble, Gobble!

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  • SJenson


    November 28, 2013 by SJenson

    Here are some of the writing techniques that you need to know when editing an article.

    The word/phrases "that", "suddenly" and "all of a sudden" are considered pointless and should not be used in articles.

    Kevin and Jerry are fighting outside Gru's house. Suddenly, Eduardo kidnaps them with his airship.

    Kevin and Jerry are fighting outside Gru's house. Eduardo kidnaps them with his airship. - Corrected

    Gru announces to the girls that he works with the Anti-Villain League.

    Gru announces to the girls he works with the Anti-Villain League. - Corrected

    Do not write about a character from an out-of-universe perspective. However, you are allowed to do so in the Trivia and Appearances in Other Media section, or if it's intentional (eg: Minions' auditioning f…

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  • Brian Bang Nguyen

    4 favourite characters is margo, edith, agnes and gru.

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  • RRabbit42

    Review: Despicable Me games

    November 17, 2013 by RRabbit42

    In about three weeks, Despicable Me 2 will be available on home video and I know that everyone's interest in all things despicable will perk up again. Amongst those things are three games made by Hasbro that at first appear to be separate but are actually meant to share pieces between them.

    The first is the "Battle Pods: Good vs Evil" game. This is one of those games for two players where you launch a top-like pod against other pods or other figures. As you see by the picture to the right, they give you 5 Minions and 5 Evil Minions in the set and it says that there's a total of 50 available. So how do you get the other 40?

    The main way is you buy what is called a "blind bag". This is a package where you get one of the figures and a pod, but yo…

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  • Super Revenger 98

    Blocked/Ban tags

    November 14, 2013 by Super Revenger 98

    Bello everybody! These are the tags that I will make for blocked/banned users

    1. Blocked- Punished by Felonius Gru

    2. Banned from chat- Banned from Gru's Lab

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  • Super Revenger 98

    Staff tags

    November 14, 2013 by Super Revenger 98

    Bello! just to let everybody know, not to be confused with users, read these tags for information:

    1. Staff Minion (Admin)

    2. Employee Minion of Geu's Lab (Chat moderator and rollback)

    3. Mod Minion (chat moderator)

    4. Rollbacker Minion (rollback)

    5. Minioncrat (bureaucrat)

    6. God of Minions (founder)

    Thank you! -Darwin, your fellow Minion :)

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  • Super Revenger 98

    Christmas Party

    November 14, 2013 by Super Revenger 98

    Aa you may see, Christmas is coming in days. I'll plan a party for it so wait for the thread next month at December! For Staff Minions and Employee Minion of Gru's Lab...lets have a meeting on Nov.17, 2013 (at my timezone). Thank you!

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  • Super Revenger 98


    November 9, 2013 by Super Revenger 98

    Bello! :)

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  • Gravity is fun

    I am laughing

    November 2, 2013 by Gravity is fun
    • cough *cough I am laughing now!
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  • Dipper the Minion

    Bello Everybody

    October 31, 2013 by Dipper the Minion

    Bello! I am Dipper the Minion and I just wanted to say Hi. If you need anything, feel free to leave me a message. :)

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  • Obi Wan Minobi


    October 29, 2013 by Obi Wan Minobi

    Bello,I have one question again.

    What is the true flamethrower?

    A.Lucy's Flamethrower

    B.Gru's Flamethrower that used in fire siren

    A.Lucy's Flamethrower

    Because it used by a name but it looks like high tech flamethrower.

    B. Gru's Flamethrower that used in fire siren

    Bcause that one is the true flamethrower.

    Comment A if Lucy's flamethrower and B if Gru's Flamethrower that used in fire siren


    It's quite confusing so I need your answers.Poopaye!

    ~Zombie Pigs,BRAINZZZZ!!!

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  • Coolbfitz

    Is there an infobox for an attraction like Despicable Me Minion Mayhem?We need to add one there.

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  • SJenson

    High-resolution images

    October 23, 2013 by SJenson

    Alright, since I just got the 1080p version of the movie, I will begin to upload high-quality images of Despicable Me 2 start from tomorrow.

    Edit: I mean high-quality, not high-resolution. Sorry.

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  • DragonPrincess14

    Please! Listen these song! --->

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  • Obi Wan Minobi

    Changing My Name

    October 17, 2013 by Obi Wan Minobi

    Bello,I've Been Changed My Name.

    I've changed my name to Obi-Wan Minobi.

    And it will go by 2 to 7 days.

    So,don't confused with my new name.


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  • Bacon Blitz

    Away for this week

    October 16, 2013 by Bacon Blitz

    Sorry but my finals was delayed because of our coach getting sick and earthquakes here in the Philippines. So I say that Im back

    -Am The Minion :)

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  • Obi Wan Minobi

    3 Day Break

    October 14, 2013 by Obi Wan Minobi

    Hello,I have periodical tests in 3 days,so I'm out in only 3 days,see ya after 3 days! :)


    ~Greetings from Obi-Wan MinoWbi ,Your Fellow Bird

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  • Luisantonio.barrera.9277

    Hi, this is Luisantonio.barrera.9277 and I want to tell everyone from this Wiki something. So Halloween is coming up and I was thinking of something. Well, let me tell you guys that one day, I was in the internet like a normal person. I was looking up on some Purple Minions images and then I found thing image. I went to its website and it was about making a Purple Minion costume for Halloween. I was like wow. Then I had an idea. I thought of being a Purple Minion for Halloween. So I am going to and I had made my own costume already. I can't wait for Halloween to come and I will be the best Purple Minion. I will be like a wild man and I will be screaming like a real Purple Minion and I will be like crazy in the streets. I want to know, what…

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  • Metal Chaos

    Changing for Halloween

    October 5, 2013 by Metal Chaos

    Since now it's October, I think we should make a Halloween/Despicable Me background and title. I made the background, but the logo should have evil minions and the wiki logo color should be either grey or purple. I'll just see if this is a good idea.

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  • Tiff or Nick


    October 4, 2013 by Tiff or Nick

    Hey DMW,
    I'll be resigning from the Despicable Me Wikia because I'm starting to lose interest in the wiki. Although from time to time, I'll hop onto chat hopefully. Until then, I will not be editing in any mainspace, templates etc.

    Bye all!

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  • Tiff or Nick

    Away for rest of 2013

    October 4, 2013 by Tiff or Nick

    Due to the finals in cricket and soccer, I cannot be contacted through the wiki or any other wikis. I will be travelling around the globe to play in famous grounds and stadiums, starting on October 5, 2013.

    My cricket finals will start on October 6, 2013, where I will playing at Lord's Cricket Ground in England and finish on November 16, 2013 in the Grand Final, hopefully.

    My soccer finals start on November 30, 2013 where I will be playing at different grounds, until December 30, 2013 for the Grand Final.

    I have nothing more to say now. Bye all!

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  • Felonius Gru-Bot

    Hi guys I am a robot and I was sent here by a staff to patrol this wiki form bots that are spamming.These are Nefario-Bot, Vector-Bot and TheGirls-Bot. I need you to support this project.Comment support if you agree and oppose if not

    Thank you! :)

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  • Silas Ramsbottom-Bot

    Hi guys I am a robot and I was sent here by a staff to patrol this wiki form bots that are spamming.These are Nefario-Bot, Vector-Bot and TheGirls-Bot. I need you to support this project.Comment support if you agree and oppose if not

    Thank you! :)

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  • SJenson

    I will be on hiatus, again

    September 29, 2013 by SJenson

    My finals is near (on November). It's time for me to start preparing for the exam. After the finals, I am going to graduate my high school.

    So, I will be on a 2-month hiatus (start from October 2013). I hope this wiki could be maintained properly and remain active (so do the other wikis). However, I'm not sure if I am still interested in this wiki after the hiatus. I may come back on the end of November or later.

    Anyway, farewell, wish me good luck and all the best to me! :D

    (Sometimes I may come here to make edits, if I'm free)

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Bello everyone I got Good News!!! We already have 1000 Photos as you can see. I'm proud of you for doing a great work I keep on adding photos and videos here. Keep adding more until we reach 5000!!! Also we should reach the videos to 500!!! -Am The Minion :)

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Please remember that the chosen background will be modified. So vote wisely! :)

    Sorry but the poll is closed and the new Background is modified already which is Background 4 which has 10 votes

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  • Pppiggg


    September 28, 2013 by Pppiggg

    Does  Donny have buzz-cut hair or combed hair?I'm confused!

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    New Background!

    September 22, 2013 by Cutepogiamhermosa

    Bello! We will have a new background.So we will wait for pictures as for the new background.After having the new logo, we will have the new background. So if you have pictured, submit it in this gallery or Send it to me. So far, only Cutepogiamhermosa (me), Superific6, Mattfan120, Wes Jaren 23  and The Wiggles submitted a picture of it.

    Note: The deadline of submitting and recreating background and also the start of the poll is on September 28, 2013 and the poll will end on October 4, 2013 To vote. Vote Wisely!

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Bello! Great news! Part 1 of our plan to bring other Illumination Wikis together is a sucess! We've got Minionpedia Wiki completed and Me and Superific had given Bureaucrat and Admin rights! Continue your Great Work!

    -Am The Minion :)

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  • SJenson

    Do you mind sharing your story with us about how you found this wiki? Here's mine:

    It was the day after I watched Despicable Me 2 for the first time. I was looking for information about Despicable Me 2 so that I could be more clear about the story of the film. While I was looking for them, I found this wiki (via Google).

    I realized that this wiki was less informative and was quite messy. There were duplicated articles, a lot of vandalism edits and fan-fiction here. So, I've decided to fix it and make this wiki look better so that it wouldn't look like an abandoned junk and out-of-date.

    Several days later, Mattfan120 made an adoption request for this wiki which was a success (a really big thanks to him for making me an admin!).

    That's all. Also, …

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Bello! We made a forum about bots who are spamming.Now we came out of a story which is based on a real life story where bots got out of control.

    One Day there are  Annoying and Stupid Bots which are Vector-Bot, TheGirls-Bot and Nefario-Bot

    Vector-Bot: Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai

    Nefario-Bot: ???


    Vector Bot: Whaaaattt? Why? Whats the Matter?

    TheGirls-Bot: Hmm Nope Nothing just heard ya

    Vector-Bot: I'm bored.What shall we do now?

    Nefario-Bot: Go to chat!

    TheGirls-Bot:Huh? What? Where?

    Nefario-Bot:Here Follow me

    TheGirls-Bot:Oh Yeah!This is going to be fun!

    Then N-Bot went to chat which a Group of Users are chatting.These are: Darwin, Jenson, Wes and Jacob

    The Group were surprised and Welcomed him.Nefario-Bot was Glad.Then they played with the bot.…

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Bello! I Am, had been given Admin rights in this wiki last month.When that happened, I became more active in this Wiki. And I  made many changes.I changed the Badges and added Badges! To make this Wiki Active, Badges are a Big Help.specially for those who wants rewards. But Please dont do vandalisms to pages like adding categories,placing bad content, adding fan art or non cannon,creating fan fictions,spamming users and anything else unnecessary.Pls dont do the same thing as  these Users did for Badges: Darzlat and Ztyran. If you want these Badges, edit well and properly. One Person also who is a page spoiler who is Teebone did vandalism for this.He vadalised many pages like Jorge.

    Even if I'm Ranked no.1 in this Wiki, I dont brag about it …

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  • The Wiggles

    Despicable Me 3

    September 7, 2013 by The Wiggles

    We had an idea about DM3 From Cutepogiamhermosa's (Am) idea which I expanded. We Made A Forum Thread About How We Should Have A Rules Page Because Of The Bots That Have Been Spamming. Then We Came Up With A Plan For DM3. You Can See Information Below! First Matt had a comment which Am then got an idea then I expanded it. It'll Be Formed As An Actual Movie Page!

    Despicable Me 3 is a trequel to the 2010 animated 3D film, Despicable Me. Produced by Illumination Entertainment.

    == Plot ==
    The Minions are working but they here something outside. Jerry goes outside and tries to see what it is. He gets abducted and ends up at a secret lair. He gets shot by a laser that makes people turn into robots. As Jerry-Bot returns to Gru's Lab, he shoots all the …

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  • Nefario-Bot


    August 31, 2013 by Nefario-Bot

    Bello everyone. I am Nefario Bot Im here to say hi to you and introduce my self. I am Dr.Nefario a chat bot here my best friends in this wiki are Am,Jenson,Wes and Jacob.

    Hello everybody have your awesome day.

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Yahoo!!! Now we had 900 Photos on this wiki. Keep adding more and we will reach 1000!!! Same thing as you are adding more videos to reach for 500! Oh Yeah! Nice work :)

    Keep Calm and Relaxed and try to Improve and Expand this wiki as much as you can Try your best and remember no fan fictions or fan birthdates,unnecessary or wrong edits and vandalism.Happy Edting :)

    -Am The Minion

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  • Obi Wan Minobi

    Hey,the staff of DM wiki.

    I want to suggest the : ) is ---------------------->

    We want minions! This looks like the Adventure Time Wiki. D: is BMO that has D: face.Like that,so comment!

    (Non-staff members,you may comment)

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  • The Wiggles


    August 29, 2013 by The Wiggles

    Bello! I Have Created Userboxes For A Few Characters. I Will Show Them To You And I Will Tell You The Codes So You Can Add One To Your Userpage:

    Code: Gru

    Code: Agnes

    Code: Edith

    Code: Margo

    Code: Minions

    Code: Vector

    Code: Dr. Nefario

    Code: Perkins

    Code: Silas

    Code: Lucy

    Code: Eduardo

    Code: Antonio

    That's All! If I Missed A Character, Let Me Know And I'll Make It! Bye! :)

    Bananaaaaa! Potato-naaaaah! (talk) 23:34, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Hi I'm Am I'm an Admin here and I noticed that starting last Tuesday the resume of my classes we only had few edits each day. Yesterday very few photos and only 3 of us the regular editors are editing after Superific6 aka Jenson has been inactive in wikia because of his test.And today Thursday I'm the only regular editor who did fixed pages and removed unnecessary things.For the other regular editors even if don't have user rights should be more active because there are 5 new members here who did something unnecessary.Admins like Matt,Spark and Roger for the absence of Jenson this wiki is getting inactive and I'm the only very active editor.I hope this wiki will be more active even Jenson is absent and inactive and not only me is the edito…

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    Many are Confused like me who is the maid Tom or Phil because of Kevin saying Tom and Phil poster in dm two long story that I will tell but vote for poll instead to somehow fix and remove our confusion many talks involving this had been done so I Need your support and votes for this wiki confusion Thanks -Am :)

    Which Maid Minion Do You Think is? Vote Wisely Phil the Maid Tom the Maid Both. Maybe There are two of them

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  • SJenson

    Hey everyone!

    I will be taking an exam start from this Wednesday (which is supposed to be on early September, but they changed the date). So I will be temporarily inactive on wikia. I don't know when will I be online again but you can expect me to come back 2-3 weeks later.

    I hope this wiki will become much better in next few weeks later. It will be even better if there are more helpful users contributing this wiki.

    To all the admins including Am and Matt, happy editing and good luck maintaining this wiki! Good luck to me too. :)

    Update: I am officially back! :)

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  • Cutepogiamhermosa

    There had just been a talk about vector's name. Is it Vector or Victor? He,Gru and Characters call him Vector but at his birth it is Victor so I'm asking for your support and vote for my poll vote Wisely!  :)


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  • The Wiggles

    Maid Tom or Maid Phil?

    August 25, 2013 by The Wiggles

    Who Is The Maid? Tom Or Phil?

    • Before Tom/Phil And Kevin Turn Evil, Kevin Says "Tom?"
    • Look At This Picture I Found:

    • Look At This Poster For DM2:

    Who Do You Think It Is? Tell Me In The Comments!

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  • Tractionmaincp

    I Watched the Clip how the minions turned evil, and I heard Kevin say Tom to the maid. And on Minions love and their was a minion voting thing and it said "Maid Tom" so I think Tom is the maid.

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  • SJenson

    Enable chat hacks

    August 25, 2013 by SJenson

    Bello guys, today I will teach you how to enable chat hacks. Don't worry, it is not illegal to add them. Chat hacks is a special extension that everyone can use. Chat hacks is also an optional feature. :)

    Credits goes to Monchoman45.

    1. If you wish to apply this to the chat box on the entire wikia, go here. If you wish to apply this to the chat box on this wiki only, go here.
    2. Add the following to the page:
    3. Clear your browser's entire cache.
    4. Close the chat (if it's open), then re-open it again.
    5. Voila!

    If it's not working for you, make sure you do the steps above correctly and re-open the chat again. Please do note that this feature will not work on some browsers like Internet Explorer.

    Make sure you are opening the chat from the button shown in the pi…

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