Minion Rush Banana Vacuum
The Banana Vacuum is an item in Minion Rush. It is a grey vacuum attached to a backpack. Once Dr. Nefario gives the player the goal to purchase it, they can purchase the Banana Vacuum using Bananas. After doing so, the Banana Vacuum will spawn randomly during runs. When ran into, the vacuum will be attached to the player's Minion, and will suck up every Banana near the player until its time runs out. This item can be upgraded to make it last longer when collected.

The Banana Vacuum appears in nearly every secret or special area in the game, with the exception of some houses in the Residential Area, the tall slide in Minion Beach (replaced with a Banana Splitter), and the roller coaster in Super Silly Fun Land (replaced with a coaster that the player's Minion rides while collecting Bananas). It, along with the Banana Splitter, and Fluffy Unicorn is an incredibly helpful item when tasked with collecting Bananas or being in need of Bananas to purchase upgrades. It, along with the Banana Splitter, Minion ShieldFreeze RayMinion Launcher and PX-41 is one of the few items that does not require the player to tilt the screen to use. 


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Orange Level Cost
and Ability
850 Bananas
(+2 seconds)
12 seconds
3,500 Bananas
(+2 seconds)
14 seconds
9,500 Bananas
(+2 seconds)
16 seconds
37,500 Bananas
(+2 seconds)
18 seconds
200 Tokens
(+4 seconds)
22 seconds
Blue Level Cost
and Ability
200 Tokens
+100 Bananas per use
320 Tokens
(+100 Bananas)
+200 Bananas per use
420 Tokens
(+100 Bananas)
+300 Bananas per use
550 Tokens
(+100 Bananas)
+400 Bananas per use
1,200 Tokens
(+100 Bananas)
+500 Bananas per use


  • In 2.0.1. version (the Jelly Lab Update), the Banana Vacuum can be unlocked (if not unlocked previously) on level 6. At the level, the items can be unlocked with 150 bananas.