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Baby Minion

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This character or material has only appeared in non-canon material (such as games, etc.) and is not related to the main story.

Baby Minion
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Full Name Baby Minion
Available Yes
Cost 20,000 Bananas
Golden Skill Increase Bananas collected by 50%
Golden Ticket Cost 6 Golden Tickets
Description Increase your Despicable Score Multiplier by 1 level.

The Baby Minion is a character in the mobile action game Minion Rush. The Baby Minion costs 20,000 Bananas. He is now currently the only Minion that can be unlocked by a Gift Code. Once equipped, the score Despicable Bonus score will increase by 1 level.



  • The Baby Minion costume is inspired by Phil with baby dress in Despicable Me, though in the film Phil has only one eye while Dave has two.
  • The Baby Minion is one of currently 5 minions that can be purchased with bananas.
  • After some updates of the game, the Baby Minion is now the only minion that can be unlocked by one of the Gift Codes, while replacing the Referee Minion.


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