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There are no rules señor, it's Cinco de Mayo!
— Antonio
Antonio Perez
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black

Eduardo Perez


Despicable Me 2

Voiced by

Moisés Arias

Antonio Perez' is the son of Eduardo Perez. Antonio is Margos love interest, much to the disapproval of her foster father, Gru.


Antonio is a boy with black hair and wears a black jacket and shoes. His shirt has the letter Z on it and he wears blue denim jeans curled up at the feet and black Macbeth sneakers. He also wears a scarf like Gru but only it's blue and no stripes and wears it like a tie.                                  


Antonio dreams of playing video games for a living. Like Margo, he is sarcastic and sassy towards Gru when he tries to protect Margo from Antonio. A charming, arrogant and handsome boy, Antonio can be seductive and smooth towards girls, shown when Margo sees him at the mall and takes to have an interest with him. He wants to be free without rules seen when he told Gru: "There are no rules señor, it's Cinco De Mayo!"


Despicable Me 2

Margo meets Antonio at the mall and immediately develops a crush on him, much to Gru's annoyance, who does everything he can to come between them.

Near the end of the movie, Antonio and Margo go to the Cinco-de-Mayo party together and proceed to dance. Gru tries to stop them but fails.
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Antonio frozen by Gru.
Sophia.JucieAdded by Sophia.Jucie

After Gru comes back from El Macho's hideout, he sees Margo depressed because Antonio broke up with her and became interested to another girl. For breaking her heart, Gru encases Antonio in a block of ice with his freeze-ray. It is unknown what happens to him when his father is arrested.



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