Anti-Gravity Serum
Anti-Gravity Serum
A minion drinking Anti-Gravity Serum

Dr. Nefario

Type Serum

Makes minions floating around


Despicable Me

The Anti-Gravity Serum is a serum in Despicable Me.


The serum is transparent and has the color purple. It is invented by Dr. Nefario, who supports Felonius Gru to steal The Moon, and this may be one of the projects he comes up.

The serum can make one (in the film they are minions) who drinks it repell the gravity of the Earth, which makes one floats in the air. Yet, there's no antidotes and it's unknown when the effect will be faded, so minions who drank it will seemingly float for permanent.


  • Oddly enough, the minion who drank Anti-Gravity Serum, can float about few meters above the surface on the Moon, instead of escaping from its gravity.


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